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I also provide additional material for LCMLA courses which are entirely produced by myself for the use of my clients on training courses and in preparation for assessment. As you will no doubt be told on my courses, my commitment to your development is an ongoing one after the training course and you can contact me by email at any time for additional help and resources.

You can also look at my personal blog for additional learning resources like rigging guides and mineral ID aids.

LCMLA North Wales Panel Handouts

You can download a copy of the standard LCMLA LCML course handouts for the North Wales Trainer Assessor Panel of the BCA. They were originally written around 1994 by Dave Baines, Dena Proctor, Adrian Pierce and Mike Cousins (amongst others no doubt) at the inception of the Local Mine Leader Scheme. I have updated these excellent documents to make them more current and also shift the focus a little bit from purely mining to the caving side as well. They are freely available to all clients on LCMLA courses run by either myself or any North Wales Panel member and are also available to download through other web sites.

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