Technical Services

Technical Advice

Businesses need to call on the advice and guidance of ‘competent persons’ for a number of different reasons. My qualifications and experience would categorise me as a suitable Technical Advisor for cave and mine activities and I perform this role for a number of outdoor businesses across the UK. If you would like to discuss a one-off engagement for advice or an ongoing relationship, then please contact me for a no pressure chat.

Inspection, Testing & Installation

I am certified as an PPE inspector (competent person) , wire rope inspector and anchor installer and tester. I have a store of professional testing and anchor installation equipment and can offer testing and installation services to clients.

Electronic Load Cell

I have a Rock Exotica Enforcer load cell that can be used in-line in rigging and test systems to give accurate load figures in use. The cell can measure up to 20kN safely as part of a normal safety chain and record the data during use as well as giving a live reading. I will be using this for some testing as well as offering the use of the device as a paid service to other commercial providers wishing to get real world loading figures for their rigging. Please contact me if you’d like to make use of this device.


Anchor Testing

I have a Hilti HAT-28 anchor tester. This device can pull ring and stud anchors up to 20kN and has a gauge for force readings. This device will enable me to periodically check the strength of all anchors installed for Peak Instruction activities. I also offer an anchor testing service to other companies and individuals.


Anchor Installation

I’ve experience in placing many different anchor types in various natural and manmade materials, from expansion anchors to resin anchors. I estimate I’ve installed over 300 anchors professionally. We’ve a full installation kit comprising a Bosch 18v drill, Fischer resin cartridge kit and hole preparation tools. All the anchors I place can be tested after installation to guarantee working strengths.

Breaking Rig

Samples of PPE metal work can be pulled up to 20kn using the Hilti HAT-28 tester inserted into a specially made steel frame. The picture below shows me calibrating the HAT-28 using the Rock Exotica Enforcer freshly delivered back from its own calibration in Germany.

PPE and Wire Rope Inspections

Technical advice services also extend to inspections undertaken at your site. I can inspect PPE items as part of a normal stores inspection rotation. I am a certified Wire Rope Inspector and that is valid for UK ropes courses, zips and VF. My inspections would be appropriate for an Operational Inspection 1-3 month cycle. Contact me for more details.

Training & Technical Services